Saturday, April 28, 2007


"Most nations are three-meals away from revolution."
--A wise old radical saying.

BAGHDAD--Welcome to Vietnam. I hope it was worth it to all you dumb assholes who voted for Bush and the GOP--you wrecked America, and that takes effort. With gasoline reaching $3.99 in Florida, Mr. President isn't going to matter much longer. Welcome to the end of the American Dream, more like a nightmare for most. It's going to be impossible to control the public once they lose the consumer model here. I will enjoy watching the violent-declassing of you nouveau-riche, the remaining petite-bourgeois, and the bourgeois ruling-class that is about to crash.

The best will be seeing all the smarmy conservative assholes ("You're just jealous."--not really!) losing everything and blaming themselves, that's going to be good for a laugh. Luckily, I have enough land to grow my own food, and there are farms all around our home. We have our own well, too (and guns). We're already seeing a decline in traffic on the highway in-front of our house, and there's more-to-come. Yeah, I'll miss all those morons who smash-into our mailboxes because they have to get somewhere ASAP.

You can literally feel that we're on the edge of the cliff now, and it gives me an odd hope that this could hold our redemption once we've all been pulled-down and grounded as human-beings. Welcome to 1929, it's coming, and so is 1933--but will it be like Germany's or America's 1933? We narrowly avoided a coup here in 1934, but a Marine corps general named Smedley Butler notified Congress. Naturally, he was belittled by our press at that time, but it ended the conspiracy.

Bush's grandfather was one of the senators on the committee that held the closed-door sessions where Butler gave his testimony--the records of the hearings are still sealed. A kiss-ass American history professor at Ball State University told me in 1995 that the conspiracy "was no big-deal, they failed." Right, that makes it insignificant that they tried. I should comment that both his step-children hated him, his wife hated him (probably divorced now), his colleagues in his department hated him, all of his students hated him, and if he had a dog--it hated him too. He was always unhappy and angry when I encountered him at his lectures, and he had a Grateful Dead poster in his office--sign of the phony-hippie asshole.

Nobody knows where all of this is heading, it's unprecedented. Now I understand the intense nihilism in Europe before the Great War (WWI), but at least a new America will rise out of the ashes of this crappy one. Waiter, bring me another country, this one sucks. The war is lost, get-over it. We didn't belong there, the invasion was unnecessary and illegal. The Mexicans and I are going to have a good laugh over all of this, wearing our bandoleers while we till the earth together.

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"Chicken Little Meets the Ostrich," by Jason Godesky:

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