Monday, October 15, 2007

T.I.-T.I. ...oh.

HOTLANTA, GEORGIA--I'd say he's a dumbass, but most people already know this--except the people who have less intelligence than the idiotic CLIFFORD HARRIS Jr., aka "T.I.". Hey, if you had a goofy name like "Clifford," you'd change it too. You have to wonder how his momma feels about his shenanigans and hijinks. What's funny is, he actually thought if one of his bodyguards bought the machine-gun and silencer for him that it wouldn't be illegal. It is for a convicted felon to do so, and covered under federal law. Doesn't he have lawyers? EXACTLY: they told him not to do this, but the moron did it anyway, only through a bodyguard who turned government informant after they popped him:

After attempting to purchase several machine guns from an undercover ATF agent, the unnamed individual [Ed.-It's OK, name him.]- who said he had been working as a bodyguard for Harris since July 2007 - was arrested and began cooperating with the government and said that he was buying the machine guns and silencers for Harris. Harris allegedly brokered the deals through the bodyguard because he is a convicted felon. It is a violation of federal law for a convicted felon to have another person purchase or acquire firearms on his behalf. (AP, 10.15.2007)

But why would someone feel they needed a machine-gun and a silencer? Surely, it couldn't have been for paperweights, so it's curious. Was he planning to murder someone who sold more records than he did this year and last? Besides not being able to wear a hat properly, he can't rap, and his momma thinks he's stupid. So does everyone else with a clue.

Clifford has had a series of problems with the law, beginning as a crack dealer in the Bankhead part of Atlanta, getting popped in 1997 on drug charges. In 2004, he was back in the Cobb County Jail for violating the terms of his probation, and made a rap video on work release at another correctional facility in Fulton County without permission, which caused some controversy. What's so sad and pathetic about people like Clifford is that they just never leave the ghetto and the neighborhoods behind--or the behavior patterns they learned there. Worse still are the lost who actually feel the need to look up to people like him in what is surely a warped version of the American Dream (that was always a lie anyway).

In May 2006, Harris narrowly escaped unhurt in a 3 a.m. shootout between his entourage and unidentified locals on a highway near Cincinnati. The gun battle, which might have carried over from an earlier squabble at a nightclub, took the life of his assistant and boyhood friend Philant Johnson, 26. The killers remain at large. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 10.14.2007)

Remember that one? I always get into gun battles over an argument, doesn't everyone? You go to the grocery store-gun battle. Get your car repaired--gun battle. The funny thing about morons like Clifford and his fans is this: they think that they're actually rebels against this system when they clearly are not. They're the biggest boot-lickers there are, and I have to wonder why so many of these gangster rappers want to be a white woman once they have their bling, it's oddly queer.

No, these folks love the big, bad white man, the powerful WASPs who hold most of the power in America. This is what makes them Toms. Some people react to their exploitation by loving and admiring their oppressors, and that would be Clifford and his fans. Well, at least the ones who aren't spoiled suburban white kids with too much time and money on their hands. These cretin are not alone by any means. Did Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr., and a whole lot of other beautiful people die for these clowns?

Now, the world is going to find-out how truly stupid he is, if they haven't already. Will we be shocked? That's not likely, and Wayne Williams wasn't framed, but we might find that Clifford has been up to far worse than we imagined (if we even bothered noticing his existence at all). What's interesting about this is that there were other bodyguards who weren't charged. What kind of charges will the bodyguard-in-question be facing? At this point, it appears Clifford will only face a maximum of 10 years, which means with his money he'll probably either get two-to-three and probation, or just probation and a fine in both cases. If this was a "government job," all they did was frame a guilty individual. T.I. stands-for...oh, who gives-a-shit. No flash, no bang, no bling. Tonight, he's in jail.

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