Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The 81-Year-Old Dirty Harry...

'Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.' -Matthew 11:28

Mobile, Alabama
--Sorry, but what a mean and crazy bitch. It was a homeless man trying to wash his clothing, and he was naked. Being naked means he was in a considerably more vulnerable situation than the old Black woman. Granted, he made a move on her, which made it a little justifiable. But really, if you're holding a pistol and the other person is naked, you've already won unless you're incredibly stupid. Why not then ask them forcefully what the hell they're doing in your laundry room? It all reminds me of the numerous comments from local slobs of how they would literally shoot someone to death if they caught them stealing their TV--take the fucker if you want it that badly, Jesus. I'm wondering when this bitch is going to shoot another geriatric or a cripple?

Watching the reactions to this in the mainstream media just depresses me. For the reactionaries, it's simple: you shoot the son of a bitch. This is pretty sick, because what you're doing is disposing of the social contract entirely in that situation over a material object. Do we really think "human life is precious"? Get real, it's bullshit that we tell ourselves, but many of us just don't really believe it. What we value is protecting our own turf and keeping our "stuff" from others, period. That's not a society, incidentally, it's a series of unconnected villages peopled by barbarians who happen to have technology. We don't value human life, just look at all of the homeless, all the people in prison for no good reason, and all of our victims over the last several years overseas. If we value human life, we have an awfully funny way of showing it. Bring me your tired, your weary...so we can shoot them. Shame.