Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hey Sailor: Navy Returns Again to J-7, Waiting for the Next Shoe to Drop

SITE METER--I'm not tellings when, but they are coming, and it won't be pretty. Is CNO Gary Roughead abusing his post to protect his brother Ronald Roughead (found in the phone records of the so-called 'DC Madam')? There's a law against that right? Ahh, never mind those pesky laws, it's the Bush II era, after all. We might be finding-out in February, maybe March or April whether brother Ronnie is know. Hmmm, there's going to be lots of fireworks around that time. Iraq and Afghanistan will be in a state of further disintegration. Turkey will likely be occupying Northern Iraq, and the public won't have a war with Iran either. Well, neither will the laws of physics, since there aren't enough troops, equipment, ammunition--you-name-it, but at least Congress will keep pumping our future into it with funding. That's gambling for you: sometimes you lose-lose-lose-lose-lose-lose-lose-lose (and lose). The 2008 elections are going to something alright...something to ignore. Time to vote the incumbents out, and time to put some vets (not conservative ones) in office. Expect subpoenas. Agents of control: FUCK YOU.

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