Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Message to Turkey

How dare the United States tell you not to invade and occupy Northern Iraq? You really should continue your incursions into there, otherwise, a Kurdish state is inevitable. Yes, the Turks have been coming-and-going across the border into Iraq, not simply Iran. Our "allies" are quite a handful, aren't they? Take Saudi Arabia, the country who attacked us on September 11th, 2001--or didn't you notice? Anyone with a clue knows that they're the primary paymasters of Islamic extremist terrorism. But really, how dare those Iranians for defending their own territorial integrity, it's amazing, the temerity of it all. A private security source has told me that we've been doing covert raids on infrastructure inside of Iran since 2004. The gall! The verve! The U.S. invades Iraq and Afghanistan, and then expects you Turks to ignore the territorial integrity of your own borders! The Young Turks would never have had it!! Invade Northern Iraq (OK, shelling will do)!

And the Iranians have their own issues with the Kurds too. Like General Pershing chasing Pancho Villa into Mexico, the Turks have been chasing the PKK out of their territory for a long time. Then, you have the genuine desire throughout the region for liberty and independence from Western influence. On top of that is the Palestinian question, left unanswered by the right in the Israeli parliament, Hamas, and the PLO. So, take all that, the disintegrating situation in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a crumbling regime in Pakistan, and you have a real conflagration in-the-works. But some real opportunities for human liberty are inherent to it all too. But while we're at it, someone needs to shoot the Archduke Ferdinand again, just for yucks.
I'll take the Romanovs, you take Rasputin, and I'll get to Scotland before you. Empires never last, just ask the dead regimes of the Ottomans, Hollenzollerns, Hapsburgs, and Romanovs. Change is coming, and systems of power and control are crumbling.