Friday, October 19, 2007

The Flap Over Ellen Degeneres and the Dog: Non-Story

THE CRAP MEDIA--Ever notice why we get bombarded with these stupid stories? I don't, it's simple: to keep hiding the war's cost from all of us. Also, consider that we have a criminal administration being protected by their cohorts in Congress (and the media), obstructing for them to keep buying time until those pardons are safely handed-out. As citizens, we need to make the last months of George W. Bush's tragic time in office as legalistically unsafe as possible. If we learn anything from all of this it should be this: it's time to end the privatization of the media. We need something like the BBC or CBC, and we can do it in a way that works and is far more representative of what the public needs to know. Concentrated ownership of any industry is bad for this country, a lesson we should have all learned after the Great Depression, but a lesson that's been forgotten.

Leave the wonderful lady alone, I liked her more after watching her cry on television. Ellen's a good role model for all women. She took responsibility for her actions. I like Ellen, she has good taste in women, and she looks great for her age. It's time to move on from this stupid mess. It's also time to begin impeachment hearings on the president and vice president, and we're getting closer. Dennis Kucinich's H.R. 333 to impeach the vice president has 21 co-sponsors so far, making it an impending reality for the White House. Call your representatives and give them bloody hell. Your apathy feeds those who prey on the rest of us. Remember that it's also the media's job right now to be pointing-out how many Republican incumbents are resigning, many being caught-up in criminal scandals. What we're not hearing is the overall picture--that the GOP is crumbling. Get active, they're weakened, so let's finish the job and splinter the GOP. Take responsibility for your life and your world. The other option is continuing to live a lie. Your call.