Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sex Academy: Sexploits at Annapolis, and Another Reminder of Why Football Still Sucks

I think that serving America is the right thing to do, and I wanted to be in the military. I know[,] it's kind of a stock answer, but I really believe that. I feel that I've been given a lot of privileges, and I feel like I have a responsibility to pay them back. I always wanted to have an exciting career and this will help me accomplish that." --Mark Capansky, who can be reached at 540-459-9215.

Annapolis, Maryland--Today's Baltimore Sun has a very intriguing piece on the sexual shenanigans of--you guessed it--the school's male population at the Naval Academy. One has to ponder whether any studying or saluting is possible in a prone position, or how they can get anything done there with all that sex going on. Take the case of one Lamar S. Owens Jr.:

Former Navy quarterback Lamar S. Owens Jr. was acquitted of rape in July 2006 but found guilty of two lesser charges, including conduct unbecoming an officer, for having sex with a female midshipman in the Naval Academy dormitory. He was expelled earlier this year and ordered to repay more than $90,000 in education costs. (Baltimore Sun, 10.20.2007)
You know, the young people do these things, but there's a problem. It's endemic at the Naval Academy, and Lamar isn't alone on the team. Not at all. Before Lamar was downed, one of his other team players named Kenny Ray Morrison was also charged with sexual misconduct, this time in a hotel, and "without the consent" of the female midshipman. In addition to this, a female "supply officer" has been named as a former employee of so-called "DC Madam" Deborah Jeane Palfrey. My-oh-my. Somehow, some way, she's still holding a position there, and it's not the missionary.
This leads us again to a name found in the phone records of Palfrey's Pamela Martin & Associates, from September of 2005: Mark Capansky (
540-459-9215, give him a call). Capansky was listed as a 2006 "offensive lineman" for 2006, but records on the Annapolis site lack any detail. It's a pretty significant fact that he's in the records during the given period of 2005, but was he a player at that time too? This is difficult to tell, based on internet searches. But is this a procuring ring at Annapolis?
Why did these other players believe they could have sex with these women with impunity? Did they know there was a sex-ring being utilized from the student pool to service high level officers at military conventions in the DC area? The presence of NATO to this site suggests that it's not only possible, but likely. In some way, Ronald Roughead and his brother--merely the CNO of the entire U.S. Naval Fleets--figures-in to this whole morass, though there is a strong possibility that the players were all unaware of each other. Did Capansky associate with Kenny Ray Morrison and Lamar Owens Jr. outside of the field? When did he actually play for Annapolis? The internet's record is a bit murky, and one has to wonder if some redactions are occurring.
Why did Mark Capansky make a call around 8:00PM on September 1st, 2005 to Pamela Martin & Associates, and why did he remove information from Wikipedia's article on Deborah Jeane Palfrey? Check the history of the page, it's there for all to see (if it hasn't been redacted yet). Interestingly, if you look at the "Sprint Football Roster" for 2004-2006, you'll find no listings with Capansky, Morrison, or Owens. Why? The writer grants his searches could be incomplete and invites others to clarify the issue.
Will we ever know what really happened in the case of Kenny Wayne Morrison? We might. It appears there is much more to the picture, and some hints of it came out during a hearing for a new trial in May 15th, 2007. An electrical engineering instructor named Major Robb Mansfield, a juror in the original trial, notified the Military Judge of what he called "jury irregularities" in Morrison's trial, and that there were problems with "impartiality" on-the-part of other military jurors (namely, other officers):

Mansfield, who said during jury screening that he believed the Naval Academy superintendent wanted a guilty verdict in the case, testified that he had not used the phrase 'jury tampering,' but 'jury irregularity.' After excusing the Marine Corps officer, Day told prosecutors to cancel plans to call the rest of the jurors to the stand. Seconds later, Morrison's father, Kenneth Ray Morrison Sr., stood up in the courtroom and used an expletive to refer to the proceedings. 'A juror comes forward to say that the jury totally disregarded the judge's instructions, and this judge won't let anyone say what happened,' he said. ( Sun, 05.16.2007)
Why a conviction for Morrison, but not Owens? What do both former players know about their predicaments that we're not hearing about? It's a good thing that Capansky and all the others in the phone records of Deborah Jeane Palfrey have the media looking out for them. What's also good--for them, not our nation--is that there are very powerful, tenured criminals who are also in those records attempting to make this story go away.
They can rest assured that it's not going to anytime soon. Yes, it's time to "give back," and start talking about what you know Mr. Capansky. This writer wagers you know quite a bit. Researchers need to focus in on this aspect of the Palfrey case--it's going to uncover a whole lot more. A root-system of corruption involving bribes and the brokering of sex could easily be in-the-mix, and so much more. In the recent trial of Brent Wilkes, the man who bribed California GOP Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham, a little fact leaked-out: that commemorative DVDs were being made of various "sexploits."

The government closed its case with testimony from two prostitutes who were hired by Wilkes during a trip to a lavish resort in Hawaii in 2003. They testified they had sex with Wilkes and Cunningham for $300 an hour. ...The $20,000 trip to Hawaii included not only the prostitutes but a special diving trip. It was memorialized on a DVD, titled “Aquatic Leadership Seminar.” Prostitutes were hired on two nights, he testified. (Signs on San Diego, 10.18.2007)
It appears this is present at Annapolis as well. A former Naval Academy doctor has been caught doing the very same thing...