Sunday, October 28, 2007

The New Devil's Dictionary: Administration

Administration, n.-
What politicians and government studiously circumvent expediting: namely, the superhuman avoidance of meeting the needs of the rest of humanity at all-costs. The maldistribution of necessities to the needy. A self-perpetuating form of dominance over resources and people, which sometimes includes throwing-bones to the victims as a symbolic gesture.

A good idea, often obstructed and thwarted by extremists calling themselves conservatives, and frequently, liberalists, and even 'Socialists.' The extraction of all wealth from the planet for some unforeseen goal, though often the short-term rewards of power. A thing to be shored-up, expanded, and also hated, being a Shibboleth that rarely delivers, yet nonetheless crucial to the survival of the species. A carrot and a stick.

Both the end of human dreams and aspirations, pointing-the-way to personal revolution (terminal terrorism and individual rebellion), and the human realization that mankind is mankind's only real remaining impediment to sustainability and peace. The institutionalization of a particular generation's--and administering bureaucrats'--neurosis to be inflicted upon succeeding generations. Modern society is impossible without it, doomed if it continues in its present form, and yet there is no looking back, a lesson of the 20th century.