Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The New Devil's Dictionary: Authority

n--A delusional presumption of individuals and groups that they hold inherent knowledge and power, often at the expense of others, and frequently enforced by intimidation and violence. Usually seen in gang-run neighborhoods, classrooms, the capitols of nations, and playgrounds.

Holders of such delusions claim what madmen often do: that they speak directly with God. In their ignorance, many of them claim that they are Deity. A global misconception to be opposed on all fronts. Related to a commonly-held fallacy that societies must have "leaders" in order to function, usually held by those who were physically and/or sexually abused as children.

The ritualized sexual and physical abuse of children. The self-imposed "right" of the sexually-molested members of elite society to sexually and physically abuse subsequent generations. Abuse. The end of hope and personal responsibility. Hellenistic-terminology: "Archons," or earthly authorities. A term of derision.