Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Losing You: Psychic TV's Lady Jaye/Miss Jackie, Dead at 38

Brooklyn, New York--I enjoin all fans of PTV, both past and present, to visit the link for Genesis P-Orridge's site. Gen has lost the second half of himself, his common law wife Lady Jaye, she was just 38-years-old. It appears she was struggling with a fight against stomach cancer, and her cancer drugs created a heart condition that triggered a heart-attack. She died in her home in Gen's arms. Here's to love and the continuation of PTV and Gen's artistic endeavors, wish him well in the comments section if you feel so inclined. A dyad has been broken, and many hearts with it. The stars cry with a woman's passing, and we should all be so lucky as to meet our other half. Heartfelt condolences to Jackie's family, Genesis and the rest of PTV3. It's strange: I literally bumped into the couple at the Empty Bottle a few-years-ago when PTV last toured, they were so sweet and pleasant, and it was possibly the best show I'd seen since Shellac in 1994.