Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Rest My Case: The Keystone Cops from Navy Return...from Florida

--Sailors on shore leave, looking for some ass...perhaps it was more convenient to have brother procure some hookers for the military and congressional brass so as to secure those coveted military and intelligence contracts? I know, just other people's money, just everyone else's hard earned dollars being misappropriated.

It becomes a habit, I know. Meanwhile--back at the ranch--the editors of various "progressive" websites, the mainstream press, and other sundry media outlets obsess over the newest missing little girl, the pedophiles who chase them, and Lindsay Lohan's time in rehab.

If it all wasn't hurting the lives of tens-of-thousands, it would be pretty funny. Note the time of when the search took place--someone was an early-riser. A few hours later, they came back and looked at an entry on a visit by SAIC, that contractor who also does work for the U.S. Navy and our intelligence community. What will history record about all of this?

One thing is certain, and that's that it will record that the mainstream press and numerous other "authorities" betrayed the American people by not telling them what they needed so badly to know...until it was too late? History is a harsh judge, and this site is a modest chronicler of that negligence and betrayal. Frankly, it's better to be forgotten, but you're the people who will have to explain your behavior to your children and their children.

With some luck, you'll also have to explain yourselves to independent prosecutors. Remember that these people need co-conspirators, even indirect ones like you and me, through inaction and apathy. What's interesting in all of this is that in order not to cover the real stories, we get tales that are almost as lurid. There's a strange sexual obsession within all of them. The dog (ownership & advertisers) wags the tail.

Consider the lilies, and consider others. Consider that all this complaining and anguish over the GOP and Bush is just what they want--our apathy and demoralization. Funny how that's the majority of what a lot of so-called "progressive" blogs and sites have to offer. They should be taking the approach of belittlement since it works.

Say it along with me Mr. David Corn, Arianna Huffington, and Larisa Alexandrovna (and the rest of the corporate-owned Western media): Ret. U.S. Army Colonel Ronald Roughead is a highly significant phone number in the records of Pamela Martin & Associates, and he fits every standard for further investigation.

Now go do your jobs and be able to look at yourselves in the mirror every morning without having to bullshit yourselves. Until you start talking and informing the American public of its actual history, I wish you all luck. With well over a hundred hits from government (including the Sergeant-at-arms of the Senate), and a lot of the media, I'd say this site is effective.

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