Friday, October 26, 2007

Another Message to Turkey

WWW--C'mon, quit playing with yourselves and really invade Iraq. Everbody's doing it, it's the hip thing to do these days. Besides, it's keeping the Bush administration tied-down in Iraq with virtually no chance whatsoever for attacking Iran and destabilizing the region in a way you (and sane people) don't want. Granted, I'm against you on the issue of the Kurds, but they know how to take care of themselves, especially the Socialist PKK whom I admire. They allow women to participate in decision-making, a rarity in this world.

Just go in, occupy the Northern part of Iraq, and defend yourselves if those Yankees start firing on you, though I doubt most dog-faces are going to. Most of them are out doing "search and hide" missions, trying to just stay alive while the officers do most of the dirty work committing war crimes and obeying patently illegal orders. Admit it: you've always wanted to fire on American troops, but you know you won't even have to. We're on-the-ropes in Iraq and Afghanistan, it's ending, however slowly. Congress: pass that legislation recognizing the Armenian Genocide.