Friday, February 09, 2007


WASHINGTON D.C.--Senator Johnson (D-S.D.) is getting better, and is able to speak, read, and engage his office staff in the goings-on in the Senate. Remember how excited all the news wires were when it looked like he might die? Currently:

Johnson has been undergoing physical, occupational and speech therapy since he was transferred to rehabilitation from intensive care at George Washington University Hospital last month. He recently began to read and speak in full sentences, according to statements from his doctors. (AP, 02.09.2007)

Wow! If only Vice President Bush could do that! It has been exactly two-months since Johnson's stroke, and the Pavlovian salivation of the GOP and the mainstream media. It was both Reuters and AP who misreported that with Johnson out, the GOP would retain its majority on the body. Wrong. The Vice President is only allowed to vote in the event of a tie, and that is becoming unlikely with the plummeting-support that the Bush administration has in all quarters.

The Libby trial seems to be poised at delivering some fatal-blows. Interestingly, the popularity of Congress is on-the-rise! Well, of course. We're seeing some action with domestic legislation, and it was critically overdue. The GOP majority also left a lot of unfinished work on the operating-expenses of the federal bureaucracy, an obvious slowing measure. How does it help America? It's doesn't, but it underscores the antisocial nature of the the current crop within the Republican Party's political establishment. Johnson is alive-and-well.


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