Friday, February 02, 2007


WASHINGTON D.C.--With the temerity of the tyrant, President Bush is now asking Congress for an additional $245 Billion to continue the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a request that surely won't be the last before his time in office has ended:

The requests Monday, to accompany President Bush's budget for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1, would bring the total appropriations for 2007 to about $170 billion, with a slight decline the following year. The additional request for the current year includes $93.4 billion for the Pentagon on top of $70 billion approved by Congress in September — and is about $6 billion less than the Pentagon's request to the White House budget office. (AP, 02.02.2007)

If Congress approves this budget, they are only going to underscore that they really all are in the pocket of the Bush administration. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is saying "Iran is a threat", sounding more like George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld than a Democratic senator. Senator Clinton needs to explain her reasoning, it seems fundamentally flawed.

Being sketchy as-usual, the President doesn't tell us how we're going to balance the Federal budget and pay-down the deficit by 2010 by such outrageous spending for a war that was illegal from-the-start, had no tangible-aims except securing Iraqi oil fields, and having a border to invade Iran from (shades of Poland in 1939). Echoing commissars in the former Soviet Union, we get stories of a "five year plan" that will accommodate these increases in the funding of the conflict. Destabilization of Iran has always been a primary-goal, offering a point of entry into the Caucasus oil fields and pipelines.

Another interesting development is training going-on by Kurdish forces in the eastern mountains of Iraq--to fight Iran. Interestingly, the training of these groups (like the PKK, and a new Kurdish group called PEJAK) are being tolerated by the State Department. It's possible they are being supplied and equipped by Washington:

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), a presidential candidate who claims the White House is overplaying the Iranian threat, last year wrote to President Bush expressing concern that the U.S. was using PEJAK to weaken Ahmadinejad. James Brandon, an analyst for the U.S.-based Jamestown Foundation, told The Associated Press that PEJAK has refused to discuss its funding sources. (AP, 02.02.2007)

I think we all know who's funding the Kurds--we are, with out tax-dollars. Some experts of the region are claiming Israel has long-term connections with these Kurdish groups, but that's them acting as our proxy in the region. The money originated in Washington, and bears some resemblance to CIA-funding of the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation. You know, the people who became the Taliban and Al-Qaida (who we used in the Balkans war). Terrorists. America--as it is constituted today--needs enemies, after all.

Most of us never asked for this war, and we were lied-to. I never believed the claims, but enough Americans did. Question: how about you folks pay my share? You ordered this pizza, and I didn't have a bite. Defense Sec. Gates lied today about our intentions, this administration will have its war with Iran. The question is, will human society survive it? A final word on the Kurdish proxies: "PEJAK ideology is rigorously leftist and includes equality of the sexes - unusual in this region. The camp has two leaders, a man and a woman." This is going to be troublesome for State Department planners--another Leftist nation, emergent thanks to the policies of the Bush administration. Thanks Dick!


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