Monday, February 26, 2007


HOLLYWOOD--He did it! He won the presidency back in 2000, before the Bush campaign filed their briefs to the Supreme Court, after they engineered harassment campaigns at polling-places, rigged machines, and made ballots disappear, he had won the election. Now, after several-years running a business and stumping his global warming slide-show across the US and the world--Al Gore is back. Will he run again? I think he will, and has made comments that it would be likely if he won the Academy's award for best documentary. Granted, he didn't direct it, but it wouldn't exist without his presentation and his narration. I still haven't seen this film, but plan to. But what does it matter? I'm convinced, global warming is certainly real, and it's better to err on the side of science than it is on greed and religious-insanity.

No, "An Inconvenient Truth" wouldn't exist without Al Gore at all. I have a lot of misgivings about this man going-back to the 1980s (like the PMRC, amongst other issues), so I still think he has a lot to prove. He has the trust of the American public to earn-back. I'm a registered Democrat, but only because the GOP is truly the part of the apocalypse, the party of scum and greed. Granted, the DNC is barely any better, but they do respond to public pressure eventually, even if it's belated. The GOP will never do this unless they literally have no other choice but compliance, or their demise. It appears they've been choosing their demise for the last 12-years, but they have their allies in the Democratic Party--you know the names. The questions is this: is Al Gore still one of those names? Is he still a neoliberal? If he is, he isn't worth voting-for. If he doesn't stand for a progressive agenda that brings a radical redistribution of wealth, all the measures to stop global warming will be for-nought.