Tuesday, February 27, 2007


"[This is the tomb of the...] King of the world!"
--Director James Cameron, making an ass of himself again-and-again.

"Who says that 'Maria' is Magdalena and 'Judah' is the son of Jesus? It cannot be proved. These are very popular and common names from the 1st century BC. ...They just want to get money for it." --Israeli archaeologist and professor Amos Kloner. (AFP & AP, 02.26.2007)

wArSHINgTUHN--You know, Titanic may be the most-expensive bad movie ever made. It wasn't good, not at all. Forget Ishtar, "Fishtar" (Waterworld), or Cleopatra, that was possibly the biggest single waste of wealth on a story that said nothing about a minor historical-event. It was boring. I used to like this guy, and can remember how cool the original Terminator was in 1984--it was pretty incredible at that time! But it was downhill-from-there.

The Abyss was alright, but hokey in several-places, though I'll watch anything with Ed Harris in it. Cecil B. Demille must be jealous, looking-up from--you know--wishing he had thought of this. It's just an unsurprising pander to the religiously-insane in North America (and all the other distribution regions they can sell it to). It's utter rubbish. Yes, a First Century C.E. group of ossuaries is interesting, but Jesus and his family were poor--there would be no tomb, and certainly not one like this. Only the wealthy had the money for these tombs in the Jerusalem of that time.

DNA: what do you have to check-it-against? Nothing. What? The Shroud of Turin (really Torrino)? Good-luck getting a sample. You'd be disappointed with the results, and it still wouldn't prove any genuine chain-of-evidence. Of all the many-many individuals of antiquity, we have literally no physical-evidence there was ever a man named Jesus of Nazareth. And just look at the name Jesus--it's a anglicized version of "Yeshua", or Joshua. "Jesus" was a very common name in those days, almost like calling your son John. Great, the individuals in the tomb don't all have the same DNA...and? Using science to prove faith is backwards and peculiar.This is just like that stupid story of "the ossuary of James" (brother of Jesus). It's crap, a lie for money, and it only hurts the real spirituality out there. That's all.

AP: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070227/ap_on_re_us/jesus_s_burial;_ylt=AsMEHq5i0glmuz20sV_QefJH2ocA