Tuesday, February 06, 2007


MY EMAIL ADDRESS--'Ten anti-war activists led by Father Jerry Zawada were arrested today on orders from Senator John McCain's office after members of the peace groups CODEPINK, Voices for Creative Nonviolence, and Veterans for Peace tried to meet with the Senator's legislative aide to discuss defunding the war. Activists sang the names of the 75 US servicemen and women from Arizona who have been killed in the war in Iraq, interspersed with the names of Iraqi civilians killed, and collectively chanted "We remember you," after each name and dropped a flower petal on the ground. They delivered framed photos of Iraqi civilians and US soldiers from Arizona who have been killed in Iraq and carried banners reading "Stop Funding War!" and "Americans Want a Prez for Peace". '

I got this message from www.democrats.com this morning. This is an example of what real activists do, not poseurs. Go out and do something creative and tangible like this, or do a blog, network with people on the internet, and if you're one of the comfortable-ones, it's on you even more so to do these things and to give until it hurts to these groups. Quit fooling-yourselves, you're not accomplishing anything by your silly little games. Either go out and do something like this, or shut-up, because talk is cheap. Tired of you people and your mealy-mouthed B.S.--put-up, or shut-up, but stop insulting everyone's intelligence with your self-delusions. Get out there and do something real. I've put my ass on-the-line before (death-threats and all), so why are you so cowardly? Do it. Now.

The Full-Story at: http://www.afterdowningstreet.org/node/18177