Sunday, February 25, 2007

How Many Homeless American Veterans are Sleeping in the Streets Tonight?

200,000. --Maybe the president could call them up for duty. Hey, at least someone in the press tipped-him-off that there was going to be a story on how horrible conditions were at the Army's Walter Reed Medical Hospital, then he could preempt it with Sec. of Defense Gates' comments that conditions there are "unacceptable," and have his inspection-visit with heavy coverage from the folks who warned them about the impending story. Hint: we're on to you. Only 30% of this nation are fooled all of-the-time now.

My grandfather--a WWII vet--always told me that all of the servicemen were promised medical care for the rest of their lives after the war--everything would be paid-for by the US government, all of their health needs, and that it would be done properly. Even the ones that weren't related to the war. It didn't happen, and you should really go visit a VA hospital sometime, you won't be able to eat for weeks. It's called cutting the costs of war. Thanks Congress, thanks Executive branch, and thanks to all the rich who profited from the wars. Thanks a lot, I'm not having any kids for you to slaughter.

Source: The Department of Veteran Affairs