Thursday, February 15, 2007


THE PUBLIC MIND--It took you this long to figure this fact out? Like I've been saying, my private security contact says we've had Special Forces hitting their infrastructure--water reservoirs, bridges, Iranian military barracks, airfields, you-name-it--since 2004. This was a big-chunk of why we went into Iraq and Afghanistan. House Speaker Pelosi is insuring that President George W. Bush and the GOP own this one: ' "I do believe that Congress should assert itself, though, and make it very clear that there is no previous authority for the president, any president, to go into Iran." ' (AP, 02.15.2007)

Now the President stated today that he's upping-the-ante, in his usual gambler's way, and announced he was sending more troops to Afghanistan. This was after an urgent-plea to NATO for more troops there. That must be to replace the ones that are going into Iran, or holding-down the Iraq-Iran border. Or maybe just to guard a hadji-stand in an alley in Baghdad. Oh, our indefatigable President, he's so tirelessly-wrong. It must be hard to be him, and that's good.

Will it do any good? Will it prevent the military actions that the neocons (namely Dick Cheney) in the White House want? The only GOP kryptonite is transparency and oversight, and it's coming. If the GOP were banned tomorrow, and splintered into numerous legal parties, I'd be happy. They've earned it: three-strikes and you're out. Watergate, Iran-Contra, and now the Bush II years. You're outta here, you're attempted treason three-times as a political party. In most self-respecting nations, you'd be gone, banned.

But now, at least, the Bush administration can illegally slam right into Central Asia and the Caucasus pipelines and oil and natural gas fields. Oh yes, they want to destabilize Iran, just like Iraq, but those fields to the North are a target too. What we have is a political hot-potato being passed tossed from one incumbent to another. But it does appear that the Democratic-majority are getting serious, as the non-binding resolution against the troop escalations are being called a "first-step."

This implies a defunding of the war, a message being sent to the Executive directly, and in the public arena of the media. Of course, we're always here in the blogosphere. I'm wondering what Congress intends to do when we have a conflagration? Will they have the President arrested? Who will try him? Surely, not the Supreme Court, since it has two of his own appointments, and Justice Scalia who gave him the White House in 2000. This must be why Cheney didn't shoot him on their hunting-trip before the elections.

Contact you representatives and give them hell, this is the big one, the stakes have never been higher. This is Big Oil risking all of our lives to grab most of the world's oil-supplies by military force, and it is doomed to fail. And when it fails, we could be seeing a repeat of the battle of Stalingrad, with entire armies encircled. An escalation in urban combat could become a war of survival, and the slaughter would begin a chain-reaction that could well cause the entire Middle East to be engulfed in a conflagration...where Western civilization began.