Saturday, February 03, 2007


Ole' Virginny--Bush met with the Democratic leadership today, and the Secret Service was there. Well, he wasn't going to face some of them without carryin' a piece, c'mon. The meeting was held behind-closed-doors, which isn't anything new for the Bush administration, but I would imagine that he's been handed his ass and told his options. The Libby trial is already causing smoking gun evidence like GO 532, and now the defendant wants to suppress his grand jury tapes from reaching the public. But look at Bush in the press conference after this meeting--he looks pretty scared. It's that "deer in the headlights" look, that dumb animal expression normally seen in trailer parks and taverns throughout the Midwest. But enough about the people who voted for him...

He should be, he knows he's guilty of much more than even the public is aware of (and that amounts to a lot of illegal-activity). Time to pay the Piper. His gambit is over, Iraq and Afghanistan are lost, and an attack on Iran isn't going to make it any better. Sure, he's being pushed to do all of this, and probably due to being blackmailed by Cheney. Does it matter if Cheney gets a subpoena? No, there appears to be ample-evidence that he's the ringleader behind the outing of CIA-agent Valerie Plame, and that the president was equally-involved. The house of cards was destined to collapse from its inception. Bush could be the ultimate scapegoat for overarching-interests--corporate ones.