Thursday, December 14, 2006


WARSHINTUHN--It appears the vultures (GOP) are circling on this one. Where's Dr. Frist with his video-diagnosis? Creepin'-Christ. So, it's obvious the GOP wishes the Senator death, it's their modus operandi. You know, death, murder, molestation, pillaging, and the necessary cover-ups. It's what a band of brigands does. Since his removal would save a few of them from prison, it's safe-to-say all the platitudes are flibber-flabber. They're forgetting two-people again: Joe Lieberman, and Bernie Sanders, they've decided to caucus with the Democrats. Sanders could very-well be the more important wedge, since as a Socialist, he'll be all-for constructive social-spending, investigations--you-name-it.

But he's going to want something-in-return, and so will Lieberman. A lot of confusion is being sowed here by the media, so expect plenty more. Were Johnson to die or be unable to return, the GOP Governor of South Dakota has some serious thinking to do. We might be surprised at the outcome, considering how-badly the GOP needs a credibility-boost. Choosing a GOP-appointee wouldn't do this, the opposite would occur, but if you're desperate...anything's possible. Even GOP-defections, which would be a good-idea when your party is taking-on-water.

The GOP might keep their Senatorial majority, but this doesn't mean they can break every tie, either. It also doesn't change the situation in Iraq, or that the public also voted-against very open GOP-corruption over the last few-years. It's a strange psychology to think that if you just keep lying to the public, that the political-reality (context) will suddenly be changed. It won't, and there will be investigations no-matter what happens to Sen. Johnson. Were Sen. Johnson to die, disaster for the GOP would still be inevitable, and by their own hands. They have already illustrated this time-and-again in recent-months. If they've proved anything, it's that they can stall legitimate-oversight, but this fact can never be maintained for very long. No, even were they to somehow control both Houses again (not possible in the House), all they would do is to continue undoing-themselves, only it would have an outcome that would be truly devastating for themselves and their party. They aren't capable of governance alone, and they have proved this amply.
They require oversight.

Of course, this is all contingent on if they get their wish, and Johnson either dies or is permanently-incapacitated. Aren't they a warm, friendly party? The AP has some funny-math, or I'm missing something here: 'A Republican appointee would create a 50-50 tie, and allow the GOP to retain Senate control.' The problem is, there are 100 members of the Senate, with two independents--Bernie Sanders, a self-described Social Democrat (like in the EU) who isn't a Democrat, but it seems he's being counted as DNC. The other is Joe Lieberman. The AP forgot to mention the fact that they're going to caucus with the DNC! They must be understaffed, I know the feeling. It could all rest on Lieberman and Sanders if Johnson is incapacitated. The stakes are high: prison for many in the GOP, and the 86-ing of Dr. Strange (Bush) and the Red Skull (Cheney, aka Professor Moriarty). Strange, that AP. Notice how they wilfully-ignore the elephant (really, donkeys) in the room? A strange-bias, a curious-bias. Dracula rises again?
At least the Washington Post wrote a better-piece on this, and God works in mysterious-ways (or not).

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