Friday, December 15, 2006


'All power to the people.'
--Thomas Paine

Here's a link to a very cognizant take on the whole issue surrounding Sen. Tim Johnson. While it appears he's going to be in the Senate no-matter-what now, things can change. Nonetheless, even if he were to leave the Senate, it would NOT give the GOP a majority. So why has the media picked-up this tack? Probably because they're predominantly owned by the right, or simply due to a concentration of ownership (first enabled by Reagan deregulation, & continued by the Democrats under Clinton of the FCC--take-that, kooky libertarians) that no sane nation would tolerate. Take this quote from the piece by Rich Galen, titled 'That Pesky Constitution' :

"Ah HAH," I can hear you saying. "What if Vice President Cheney, as President of the Senate, strolls in a vote for Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Doesn't that create a 50-50 tie?"
Yes. It would. Except he is Constitutionally forbidden to do that. According to Article I Section 3: The Vice President of the United States shall be President of the Senate, but shall have no vote, unless they be equally divided. Thus, a Vice President can only vote to break a tie. He cannot vote to create one [a tie-vote--my emphasis].

Read the article, it's very enlightening, a voice of reason in the abyss of the internet. For those who would claim the piece is 'partisan'--forget it, Galen was a press secretary for Dan Quayle and Newt Gingrich. Save it. I suspected the math was being fudged in the wire articles, and this is exactly why this is the fact. While the news media lies and obfuscates about this for their right-wing masters, observers like Galen speak the plain-truth. A simple glance at most of the articles and blurbs reveal an almost sexually-charged hope that Johnson would die, while many had a tone that he was virtually dead.

This should raise some flags. Ever wonder why the newspapers and the media in-general aren't trusted? I don't, just read the blogs--hah, you are! Authoritarian-led media outlets
eventually become useless to their owners when this trend occurs. You and I can now scour the internet for foreign news, blogs, and numerous other sources to compare against the 'conventional wisdom'. Everyone in the Soviet Union knew Pravda was lying, and the American public are experiencing a similar-awakening. It was easier in the Soviet Union, everyone knew it was a tyranny from-inception, but progressives have the myth of democracy to counter here. We can once again thank the Bush administration for throwing this myth into-confusion, dropping the scales from the eyes of millions.

Galen's article amounts to a bridge-building action that I applaud, and there are certainly rational conservatives out there. Amazing, I know, but they are out there. We have an historical opportunity here that would be absurd to botch--but the Left-in-general is adept at this. It would behoove the Left to ally-themselves with these rational conservatives in a Populist coalition. It's time for a real Third Party movement, with the realization that we still have to pressure the existing political-context to do what we want and need them to do for the common good. This is picking-up where things collapsed for Populism during the 1920s-30s, but rest-assured there would have been a marginal 'New Deal' without their ideals and agitating.

Splitting-hairs ( identity politics, primarily) won't accomplish anything, we have to discover what we all agree-on. Getting candidates into Congress should be the main-agenda, not stupid, symbolic Presidential candidacies. Power flows from Washington, so get over it. Power isn't a dirty-word, it's something we all need to grab back, and for those who don't understand power-politics: step-aside. We're not in Kansas anymore, and there is no Wizard. There is only we, the people. We are the only solution to the mess we're in as a nation. The GOP has a funny way with math, they don't have the number-zero in their system, it seems. More of that football-is-life ideology. Lack.

Mr. Galen's Article:

12.18.2006: There's a reason I never give to NPR. They suck.