Thursday, November 26, 2009

A word of advice regarding the pundits on the right...

WWW--Quit feeding them.

Here's the deal: you don't talk, write, or buy anything by or about these people, the Limbaughs and the others whose names I'm not going to invoke.

Seriously. Watch the politicians, don't watch the fucking clowns on the right on TV, and quit reacting to them. You're feeding them and keeping them on the air, making them rich, and pushing their message for them. To say this is stupid is redundant, like reacting to them. Reacting to reactionaries doesn't speak well for anyone, I'm as guilty as anyone, and it has to stop, and now, today.

If you want these turds to shrivel-up and slink back to the used car dealerships, the crooked law firms, and the gutters they were dragged out of, cleaned-up, put into a power suit, drugged, and propped-up in front of television cameras, stop watching and following them. There's literally no burning reason to. Lenny Bruce hit the nail on the head when he mocked 60s liberals for going to American Nazi Party rallies to heckle its leader George Lincoln Rockwell. In that sketch, the liberals were the only ones at the rally. Do the math. Quit feeding the tantrum-throwers and the Shibboleths, the frauds, put out there to distract you from the politicians, the lobbyists, and the crooked rich.

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