Monday, November 30, 2009

Libertarians and George W. Bush

Notice how quiet most of them are about him? Why is that? He practically handed them their version of a Utopian America, an America devoid of regulation of the economy, our food supply, our water, our air--you know, nothing important, and they'd be happy to tell you that to do so would be "impugning on the rights of the individual," which is the core non-sequitur of their non-ideology that bears little-or-no resemblance to European Libertarianism just as American Freemasonry bears little with their "Continental" European brothers.

Why? Besides the fact that we're a stupid culture with a hang-up regarding the Wild West, their way has made us a business dominated society. Even in these hard times, they're not getting much traction, and here's why: we just had eight years of their ideology writ large and it failed. They're just as much a part of the right-wing constellation in America as the Republicans and were in fact founded by "former" members of the GOP in 1969. As we all know, the parades and the celebrations will be legendary and their time has come as a mainstream party (hmmmpff!). Good night, Gracie.

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