Wednesday, November 25, 2009

David Vitter at it again: Buying...lingerie?

Washington D.C.--Roll Call is reporting that Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter might still be unable to control himself sexually: this Saturday, he was apparently spotted in a downtown D.C. store called "Filene's Basment" looking confused in the lingerie department. Hmmm, I bet he was. It's good he had his priorities straight on that very important day in our country's history when the health care reform bill came up for a vote that day:
Just hours before casting his health care vote, the sex-scandal-scarred Louisiana Republican looked “a bit lost” amid the ladies’ unmentionables, our spy said. Our witty, bargain-seeking HOH tipster mused on a few reasons that the Senator might be there.

“Is he looking for some ‘extra support’ for tonight’s big health care floor vote or is he up to his old habits?” the spy wondered.

Vitter’s office didn’t respond to HOH’s query. ("HOH's One-Minute Recess: Silk-Stalking Vitter," Roll Call's "Heard on the Hill," 11.25.2009)

Considering his past behaviors, I don't think he was looking for something for his wife...but you never know. I wish I was making this shit up, it's good copy for fiction. Larry Flynt's investigator Dan Moldea found that Vitter had been voting on legislation when he had a phone call to the DC Madam's prostitution service, Pamela Martin & Associates.

Does it end there? For a walking disaster area, how could it end until that time that comes for us all? No, earlier this month Senator Vitter was confronted at a town hall meeting in Louisiana and had to turn tail and run, admitting defeat when confronted by a rape victim and was unable to explain his vote (so he ran away).

And, and, darn you Al Franken, for caring about women:

Vitter got into trouble with another woman earlier this month.

Confronted by an impassioned rape survivor at a town hall, Sen. David Vitter tried everything from sympathizing to deflecting blame onto the Obama administration for his decision to vote against an anti-rape amendment.

Finally, amid shouts from protesters, the Louisiana Republican simply walked away.

Vitter was one of 30 Republican senators who voted against Sen. Al Franken's amendment, passed in the Senate last month, that would de-fund government contractors who prevent employees from seeking justice when they have been raped.

The inspiration for the amendment was Jamie Leigh Jones, who was allegedly gang-raped by co-workers at Halliburton subsidiary KBR while on assignment in Baghdad, and was then prevented from pursuing the matter in courts. ("Senator in prostitution scandal caught checking out lingerie," Rawstory, 11.25.2009)

Isn't it a good thing the mainstream media kept a lid on that story? Thanks again. I guess he has buddies to protect over at KBR, him being a strong advocate of war-profiteering. What's it going to be Senator? Were you going to wear them, your wife, or a hooker? Louisiana, it's time to regain some dignity and discard this clown in the next elections.

"HOH's One-Minute Recess: Silk-Stalking Vitter," Roll Call's "Heard on the Hill," 11.25.2009:

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