Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, even PETA!

WWW--Have a warm and safe holiday, don't eat too much causing a food buzz and vomiting and be sure to tell the chef that everything's great! Also, whatever you do, watch the PETA ad that they won't be showing on television but are showing on television and making my head hurt. I'm not a vegetarian, so I'll be enjoying the full effect of this holiday, thanks Squanto!

C'mon, most card-carrying PETA members wouldn't want me to hunt and eat the wild turkeys around our house either. Yes, factory farming is bad, family farms were much more environmentally sound, and if you want to attack it, fine, do ads. But not like the ones they do. Grossing people out isn't going to accomplish a lot and most of us aren't as neurotic about what's at the end of a fork. You can tell from most of the material that PETA puts out that they used to think meat was made at the grocery store and someone burst their bubble. Don't preach, nobody wants to hear it's "immoral."

Yes, I find the conditions of those facilities horrific--that's what government regulations are for, go get a bill sponsored. Better yet, how about some suggesting some alternatives, like a decentralized farming model that moves away from monoculture? But nobody wants to hear that "it's wrong" to eat animals, it's not a moral argument and more a religious belief.

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