Saturday, November 07, 2009

Top this shit, Sarah Palin...

Sarah says she can see Russia from her house, but I got one better. I can see Jesus from my house, and man, he looks like shit, dudes and dudettes, all carbonized, dust. They say that we're breathing atoms that were inhaled by the likes of Socrates, Heraclitus, Frederick the Great, Hitler, DeGaulle, DaVinci, Ivan the Terrible, FDR, William Blake, Zoroaster, Billy the Kid--everyone that ever lived, ever.

If Jesus was divine, wouldn't we all be touched in some way by him in this manner? Were there ever a human being divine, wouldn't we all be transformed? It's a pipe dream, and I want a suck on that, it must be good shit if it makes logic and reason flee almost entirely...

It's all a fairy tale to enslave you. The miserable need something, some vain hope. How about one that has something to do with life? Drop the death cults. Civilization has been around roughly 11,000 years, a blink in an inky abyss, our temporal universe. We have this time to get things right, and that's it. Even the Old Testament says there is no wisdom beyond the grave. It's better to assume that this is it, the only life we will ever have, and that death is inevitable and frequently a friend bringing release and a well-earned rest. Accept this, and you have part of the key as to how we're going to evolve and survive this century as a species.

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