Monday, November 30, 2009

Be sure to check this link at Jay Beldo's site...

WWW--I love this guy. He's very positive in his thinking in a realistic way and has a real disdain for a lot of New Age culture, that it's more about the money, selling crap. This new post he's done is incredible, I'm floored: a fully-armed luxury cruise! You have to see this to believe it, I'm floored by its very open and obvious stupidity and male overcompensation, a hallmark of dying gender roles in a thankfully dying order.

I first came upon Jay's site through the street fight with conspiracy nut Alex Constantine over whether the DC Madam hanged herself or was "suicided" by "government operatives," a theory that has no evidence to support beyond a few comments that Palfrey made to the press and other outlets. What it tends to ignore are the obvious suicide-cues she was putting-out all over the place, but selective cut-n'-pasting is what the fringe right are all about.

To make an overlong story short, I submitted a comment on Constantine's site which he approved, opening a real Pandora's Box for himself, with all kinds of recriminations flying in both directions. At one point, Constantine wrote a three-part, two-part series on little old me that still befuddles (check the labels for more), so he must have viewed me as some kind of a mortal threat to an already dying career in paranoiac historical fiction. What was the deal? He didn't have to accept the first comment, that's what moderation is for, and that's why I knew his threats of a defamation suit were a bluff, more bullshit from an arch-conservative asshole with a trust fund.

So, I went to Jay's site and posted some comments asking about his threats, and Jay was very kind with his anecdotes about Constantine, that he smoked dope like a chimney, was paranoid, and that in-sum, his writing was probably drug-fueled, and this is by-way of his own former publisher, Adam Parfrey (Feral House). Ironically, just a week-or-so earlier, I'd approached Parfrey about possibly publishing my DC Madam account, but I'm no longer interested in that avenue anyway. Welcome to the world of writing. It's not safe, and it ain't pretty. Constantine must have made threats to Beldo--which is pretty lame on his part--and the comments were pulled, but I'm sure someone, somewhere have captured them. If you did, I'd love to obtain them for later reference, they're a hoot (pun intended).

Anyway, none of this is to impugn on Jay, I think he's right on, far-in, far-out, and a very insightful and interesting writer all around with an interesting take on the way things are right now. He also sings and plays a mean guitar, I like the guy. Visit his site, it's worth the look and the read.

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