Monday, September 01, 2008

Thank you God: Hurricane Gustav underscores Republican inaction since Katrina

The Gulf Coast--The Industrial Canal's levee is overtopping again. Once again, we're seeing damages in the billions. Nearly 2 million people living in and around New Orleans and the neighboring parishes have fled. There appears to be no substantial government reaction. John McCain and the Republican National Committee have suspended nearly all activities at their convention in St. Paul, Minnesota. It seems that God has retained its sense of humor.

Almost never failing to say the wrong thing at the right time, candidate McCain stuck his foot in his mouth stating, "We must take off our Republican hat[s], and put on our American hat[s]." Or something like that, since the media doesn't appear to agree on the exact wording.

Well, right: "We can be heroes, just for one day," stated David Bowie so eloquently.
And that's about as far as it's ever going to go. McCain and the GOP lack such eloquence, which comes from being on the wrong side of history. After all, besides being the un-American party, the GOP represents what's inhuman about humanity. The greed, the corruption, the venality, the vanity, the ignorance--and of course--temerity.

Three-years-ago, John McCain was eating cake with President George W. Bush while tens-of-thousands of Americans were left stranded in New Orleans, it's environs, and much of the rest of the Gulf Coast hit by hurricane Katrina. Very little has changed, and one can imagine the sighs of relief that were exhaled when the Bush canceled his speech before the Republican convention to cover his ass.

What's bizarre is that he went to Texas to do it, but he likes it there. We like it when he goes there, just not when he comes back. Americans are waiting with bated breath for him to never return from there to Washington D.C. ever again. God doesn't like the Democrats anymore than the Republicans, incidentally--he just hates Republicans more.

And now we're hearing that Senator McCain is working to "lead a humanitarian effort" to help down in the Gulf. That's great, but it's not really noble when you contributed to the incompetence, neglect, and corruption that created the mess that still exists down in New Orleans and the neighboring parishes 3 years and 3 days to the day of Katrina's landfall and the overtopping and breaching of the levee system there. That's a failure of government shared by both parties, but the majority of the responsibility resides with the antisocial GOP.

The GOP tends to play their hand too often (they suck at poker): now they're harping over a joke that a former DNC Chairman (Don Fowler, who was Chairman one year, from 1995-1996) made on an air-flight, seizing on it in their pathetic desperation to avoid any-and-all responsibility for their actions. The majority of Americans are used to this, and it's become tiresome. Fowler's comments aren't significantly different from that of religious lunatic James Dobson's bait-and-switch for the GOP when he commanded his zombie followers to pray for rain at the Democratic convention in Denver so that Obama couldn't give his speech--except that Fowler was kidding. Those "oogah-boogah" folks would be funny if they had no effect on the rest of us.

The writing's on the wall: if the business community keeps getting its way (greased by dirty politicians in both parties, but even worse with the GOP), then nature's going to strike-back and correct things. Nobody on earth can change this fact. It really is a very religious and spiritual-themed moment, isn't it? Nature has struck-back once again at a ridiculous economic order that overdeveloped in the region surrounding New Orleans, cutting-away precious marshland barriers that prevented such flooding for countless centuries, long before Europeans ever settled here in North America. That's not just stupidity, it's lower than animal behavior, and headed for the dustbin of history. Thank God for that.

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