Monday, September 01, 2008

More GOP Failures and Negligence: The Lower 9th Ward is Flooding Again

New Orleans, Louisiana--That's right, it's happening again, and we're getting scanty coverage of it in a manner that's familiar. Some levees that did not break during Katrina have broken and the Industrial Canal levees are being breached by overtopping as evident from what coverage we're seeing today on television. This appears to have happened within the last two hours.

Mission accomplished: the GOP is still wrecking America. McCain's urging of aid is a belated move by the problem itself. Meanwhile--back at the ranch--Bush is coddling-up with mommy (who looks like the spitting image of George Washington) and daddy. Incredible, but we expected John McCain to keep eating that cake with George W. Bush the second time around.

"New Orleans Lower Ninth Ward Flooding From Gustav's Storm Surges," All Headline News, 09.01.2008:

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