Friday, September 12, 2008

"Lindsay Lohan to marry [DJ] girlfriend" : Homfauxsexuality?

WWWhy--Yeah, some people go a very long way to anger and embarrass their bad parents, but why not? Will it last? Of course not. Do I think Lindsay's gay? Nope. Bisexual--perhaps, but so are all of the kids these days--but not full-on gay.

Her g-fren Sam Ronson, certainly, but Lohan's sexuality is easily in-question here. A small number of people are "gay" simply because they're fucked-up.

Embarrassing, true, but it has entertainment value! Who cares? Aren't we a happy human family?

If there is a God--
and I sure hope that there is--shim's got a strange and sadistic sense of humor.

And hey
(Ann Heche): if I'm wrong, I wish them both well, but considering their age and occupations, we're just seeing some very public mutual-masturbation here.

-the-way: DJs aren't musicians, they're aren't what they play. They spin wax, but they don't tend to create music unless they're a turntablist. Big-diff, but most music fans and audiences don't even know what they're watching or listening to. There are at least two-dozen garage bands called "Lindsay Lohan's Girlfriend" at this moment. We know who wears the pants in this family. I don't miss being that young, not at all.

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