Wednesday, September 10, 2008

10 Zen Monkeys Tastless Article on DC Madam: Who's "Daniel"?

WWW--I found this September 5th piece in a quick Google search of a fellow who has tastelessly claimed to have "spoken" with her in the afterlife. Bollocks. This is in poor-taste, and I think the whole thing was probably fabricated by the author of the article, Lou Cabron, a journalist (other than "politician," a bad word these days).

In the article, we get presented with a fellow ostensibly named "Daniel 'Trinity' Jackson," who apparently "lives" just ten miles from Tarpon Springs, Florida, the town in which Palfrey committed suicide. I'm not even quoting from what I consider to be a ridiculous article that stinks of a smear of the deceased, and which throws 10 Zen Monkeys and Cabron's motives--if not their sense of ethics--into question.

So what's the significance? Last Fall I began receiving e-mails from someone who called themselves "Daniel," and who claimed to be Palfrey's personal astrologer. They communicated with me briefly through an encrypted third party email service, which I found odd. That's not all that was odd: "Daniel" claimed to be a Catholic missionary living in China, and some kind of "magic Christian." Right, utterly bizarre and flaky.

What I got from "Daniel" was a lot of astrological predictions that were not only strange, but one that was actually correct, if only partially. "Daniel" wrote that he thought Palfrey would be found innocent--he was right. At that time, I didn't agree at all and thought she would be convicted--we were both correct. When Deborah Jeane Palfrey committed suicide before her sentencing, the charges were swept-clean, and it's likely that her family (and Preston Burton and the monstrous Orrick, Herrington, & Sutcliffe, who stand to get a lot!) will receive the majority of her assets--at least the ones we know about.

But what Cabron has written is a worthless article that adds nothing to our knowledge of the event. I have my suspicions, but it's probably just a case of bad taste on his part and Daniel's--if the so-called astrologer exists at all. All attempts at mailing him from his site cause bounce-backs, so one has to wonder if the site was created by Cabron himself as some sort of sick joke. Hey, at least they got a few more hits! Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out of this life.

FYI to Daniel: Spiritualism is long-dead, get over it, the rest of us have. Do I think you made your claims up? No. I don't think you exist anymore than the event that was described (possession by the deceased).

"10 Zen Monkeys": And I thought "J to the Power of 7" was a dumb name for a site. I was wrong, and I found one that's easily worse. They haven't responded to any inquiries so far. Presumably because they're hacks.

"The Ghost of the DC Madam," 10 Zen Monkeys, 09.05.2008:

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