Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Larry Flynt, Dan Moldea, & Fred Thompson

St. Paul, Minnesota--In one of the final e-mails I received from the late DC Madam, she conveyed to me that Larry Flynt's private investigator (and author) Dan Moldea had found calls from Fred Thompson (who, like Richard Nixon appears to be fashioned out of mud), John McCain, and Vice President Dick Cheney (allegedly a 1999 call to her escort service when he was CEO of Halliburton).

I don't have context for the rest, though if she was telling myself and my defense co-researcher Monique Rawlings the truth (and conversely, if Moldea and Flynt had told her the truth), that Larry Flynt is sitting-on these names.

Why? You--the press--need to ask Larry Flynt "why," but I guess you're preoccupied chasing stories about bigfoot. Why isn't Flynt naming names? I have my suspicions, but in my opinion, it comes-down-to the fact that he's a thoroughly establishmentarian chicken-lover. If only I were jesting, if only, if only. The other option is Palfrey was desperate and lying about it. Take that, Wayne Madsen.

So: what are you waiting for with Fred Thomspon, Larry? Was it a lie on-her-part, or yours? I don't know, and I'm sure the rest of America wants to. I've heard you're trying to rehabilitate your legacy. Some transparency would be a good start. So start now, today, and expose Fred Thompson for what he really is on the day he speaks before the GOP National convention.

If it's not true, that settles it. Looking at Thompson's wife, I suspect that it's true. Coupled together with the late Richard Nixon's assessment of Thompson ("dumb"), and it makes a lot of sense. Trophy wife, hooker--what's the difference? Nice tits (Fred's). You know where to stick those Cuban cigars.

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