Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Second Day of Mainstream Media's Running of "Duo tries to break world handshaking record" Story

The Generally Crappy American Mainstream Media (Blues)
--I don't have to point-out that our media is fairly unreliable, doesn't report the real stories, and puts the ones that threaten the interests of their bosses on-the-backburner--that would be stating the obvious, which I excel at.

But rather than telling us what's really going on in Iraq and Afghanistan (disintegration), we get bread and circuses just as the German public did during the battle for Stalingrad. After that, Germany's defeat was certain.

History never plays-out the same way twice, but combined with the contemporary politician's strong sexual desire to preserve Empire through the "missile defense system" that's being constructed in Europe and elsewhere (some of its infrastructure might be in the South Pacific, certainly within the continental U.S.), we're probably equally fucked. Will the Czechs "save the day," and prevent the radar bases slated to be constructed on their territory from being built? It's possible, but we know it's not going to be the Poles that come through.

This is all very shameful: we're literally tottering on-the-brink, and all we can think about is who's going to win on American Idol or Dance With the Stars. I understand that all of this just becomes too much for hardworking people, and that modern life can be overwhelming. But that doesn't excuse us for wasting the numerous opportunities we've had to prevent all of this. Compared to our ancestors who built the labor movement in this country from the 1840s-1930s, we still have it pretty easy. They worked 12-16 hour days, no-weekends. Remain complacent, and you're going to see a return to these horrible working conditions. But right now, there are bigger fish to fry...

Granting this presidency the power to go to war was the fault of the American people first, Congress second. Until we accept the responsibility for such inaction and our unimaginably wrong-headed attitudes and lifestyles, we're--that's right--fucked. Enough of the shaking babies and kissing hands (of the rich), it's Miller time
in America.

For the overworked (nearly all Americans), and those with children (ditto), I understand. All these events are too much to take in completely. Pick your fights well. It always has been tough, struggle has never been easy. Do one little thing for change each day. Be good to your kids and your neighbors. That's a start. Now, let's shake! George W. Bush has these boys in Frisco--yes, Frisco--beat. Let's go for a third day with that AP article so that future generations can...OK, they're going to curse us anyway, forget it.

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