Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A New Prague Spring? Resistance to Radar Bases in the Czech Republic Escalates

Newsletter 1
Hunger strike in Czech Republic: a new Prague spring!

May 27th 2008
Dear Friends,

The protest in the Czech Republic continues and gets stronger: on May
13th Jan Tamas and Jan Bednar started a hunger strike. "The issue of the
US military base is not only an issue of international security for us,
but also an issue of democracy. It is about whether we will once again
allow a small group of elite politicians to ignore the wishes of the
majority of the population on an issue of great importance to their
fate. These methods remind us of times before 1989 -- times we don't
want to be repeated."

Europe says No to the "Star Wars" project

"In a moment of global economic crisis where the cost of food is growing
incredibly and education and health-care are being dangerously
privatized, it is madness to spend millions of Euros on war and the
production of new weapon systems. In such a difficult moment of global
history, Europe must not support any policy that pushes the planet
towards catastrophe: the lives of millions of people are at stake. We
cannot allow our politicians to support the absurd intentions of the
United States to transform Europe into the theatre of a possible nuclear

Read [Reagan Secretary of State] G[eorge]. Schultze's declaration:

The on-line petition has already surpassed 90,000 signatures; with
everybody's help we can reach the objective of 500,000 signatures.

The protest is spreading all over Europe. In many cities there are
permanent demonstrations and other activities of support:

The Mayors for Peace 2020 Vision Campaign sends its solidarity and
support to the two young Czechs, Jan Tamas and Jan Bednar

Message: [Dr.] N[oam]. Chomsky

More information: http://www.nenasili.cz/en/

Support this campaign spreading it among your friends, in your city,
among other organizations and the mass-media.
We can change the future only with everybody's help, a future that today
is in the hands of ruthless and crazy people.

Greetings of peace
Isabel Torres

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