Friday, May 02, 2008

Does the Government Have the Right to Keep Deborah Jeane Palfrey's Assets?

Washington D.C.--A solid source is telling me that because Jeane Palfrey died before sentencing, her record is now clean. As a result of this, all of her forfeited assets no longer belong to the Federal Government. Any readers who have additional information on sentencing guidelines in this area, please feel free to drop me a line via e-mail.

If this is true, we have part of the motive behind Jeane killing herself: she wanted to leave her family something, and suicide was the only way to achieve this. Hopefully, we'll find-out the contents of the two notes that she left.

I found the image to the left searching one night and forwarded it to Jeane--she was thrilled by it and found it funny. She asked me to forward it to AUSA William Cowden, and I did: seven times in one night (it got stuck in my "out" box, I swear to God)...
05.05.2008 Postscript: When someone convicted of a federal crime dies before sentencing in the federal circuit courts, the prosecution files an abatement that strikes the entire criminal proceedings. This includes forfeited assets, and the precedents are in-favor of Jeane's family receiving her assets. This is good to hear, and might shore-up the possibility that Jeane can be viewed as a kind of "anti-hero." This might have been part of her motive for committing suicide on May 1st.

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