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Alex Jones, Kurt Nimmo, & Geraldo Rivera Try to Milk Dollars from Deceased DC Madam: The Ignorant Lying to the Ignorant

The J-7 mail archives
--It's not-so-ironic that media exploiters like Larry Flynt and Geraldo Rivera are trying to stoke the fires of controversy by suggesting that Deborah Jeane Palfrey was murdered by some high level cabal. They're hardly alone. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry are acting as if they actually followed the story for longer than a week. But a conspiracy is a tempting scenario. The problem is, Jeane made a lot of contradictory statements to many different people about many things. Some were definite pronouncements, like the February 28th e-mail below this article.

I came into the picture around early-June of 2007 when Jeane wrote me a compliment about a May 6th article I wrote on her case. It was a casual analysis of her situation, and not necessarily very flattering towards her side of things. Interestingly, I write in the piece that "both sides are lying." Today, I see that Alex Jones's "Infowars" is speculating more wildly than I ever could, even with my own eyes and ears perpetually pointed towards the parapolitical (conspiracies). They aren't alone either, millions of very lonely and unimaginative people are following suit.

Literary curmudgeon Harlan Ellison once stated during the late-1990s that the Internet is the greatest purveyor of bad information ever conceived, and Kurt Nimmo's piece, "Geraldo Calls for Florida Gov[ernor] to Investigate Palfrey "Suicide" is a refreshing example of this "bad information." Besides its poor diction, it's clear that Nimmo is pulling just about everything out of his ass. Cobbling together a real hodge-podge of highly speculative connections and sources (namely citing individuals like Wayne Madsen as though they were credible), Nimmo goes as far as to create a peculiar irony within his meandering piece by citing the murder of AUSA Jonathan Luna in December of 2003 as an example of a questionable suicide--Palfrey began our correspondence with the strong-feeling that the genesis of her legal battle somehow began in the Luna case. I never saw the connection, but who knows? A barrage of FOIAs wouldn't necessarily clear any of this up either. Luna's murder remains unsolved.

The strange thing about Nimmo's shoddy article is that it doesn't match its headline, but that's something common in the mainstream media as well. Neither the parapolitical community or the mainstream media have had any real grasp on what this story might mean, but this writer has reached a few humble and reasonable conclusions: namely, that Jeane's Pamela Martin & Associates escort service was merely part of a very large infrastructure of the proffering of women, gifts, and money for the acquisition of coveted government contracts by lobbyists and contractors. Not conspiracy, but unspoken policy and tradition. Naturally, the FBI and other agencies are always watching these services, taking their notes, as in the case of the former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. His own name was selectively-leaked.

Something happened that made Jeane a liability by the Fall of 2006, and it was possibly exposure by honest federal investigators, or any number of scenarios. The timing of her charges before the 2006 midterms always seemed pregnant with possibilities, especially considering the politicos and D.C. big-shots subsequently outed by her were all Republicans. It's simply an unknown
exactly what initiated the investigation. The government's prosecution isn't telling, and neither are the original investigators. As we know, the one person who might clarify some of this is now gone, though I can attest to the fact that she didn't appear to know the whole picture either.

During my research for the defense (under two defense teams, no-less), Jeane finally dropped a very big name indeed: convicted Poway defense contractor, Brent Wilkes. She told myself and my co-researcher to dig-up as much data as we could on him and his co-conspirators, to summarize it, and find any connections that we could to her situation. Later work had us searching through subpoenaed Verizon
phone records that went much deeper into who held the more impenetrable numbers and/or cells already posted on the Internet. Remarkably, a lot of it did seem to fit, and noting the Smoking Gun's early questions directed at her in the Fall of 2006, the connection appeared solid. It was as if the federal investigators had scripted the interview questions for Bill Bastone, editor of the site. Jeane frequently voiced her contempt for him, and at one point he was on the subpoena list.

Ken Silverstein's
articles on "Hookergate" and Shirlington Limousine (used by Wilkes to ferry prostitutes to former GOP Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham and others unknown) also seemed to corroborate Jeane's assertion that she had had telephone contact with Brent Wilkes on at least a few occasions. What she conveyed to us fit the facts, and even some of the time-line. But, every time I pushed her for proof, I got a wall of silence.

The Spitzer scandal was similar to Jeane's case in that it had all the same appearances of selective prosecution, but it gave her some very brief hope right before the trial. It was a hope that wasn't going to last:

Indeed, Spitzer was lucky, as only his career suffered sudden death. Debra Jeane Palfrey was not so lucky. Or was Jonathan Luna.
Luna, a Baltimore-based Assistant United States Attorney, apparently suffered the same fate as Palfrey, although his murder, also excused as a “suicide,” was far more grisly. At the time of his “suicide,” Luna was working under fired US attorney Thomas M. DiBiagio, who was investigating corruption charges against then-Republican Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich and his staff, the lot accused of engaging the services of Palfrey’s escorts. In addition to Ehrlich, Jack Abramoff, convicted of fraud in dealings with SunCruz Casinos, was under investigation at the time of Luna’s “suicide,” obviously a homicide.
It is said Luna stabbed himself 36 times with a penknife and subsequently drowned himself in a creek in Denver, Pennsylvania. ("Geraldo Calls for Florida Gov to Investigate Palfrey "Suicide,"' Infowars, 05.04.2008)
It's obvious that Nimmo's unaware of the the possible connection between the Palfrey and Luna cases, though granted that there might be no connection whatsoever. It's known that the IRS office in Baltimore was part of the early-stages of the investigation into Palfrey at roughly the same time of the events that led-up to the murder of Jonathan Luna.

Palfrey told this writer on several occasions that she strongly suspected her problems came out of a plea deal by former convicted Baltimore Police Commissioner Ed Norris, and that it was somehow mixed-up with the Luna murder. She called it her "cesspool of muck" theory. That's right, even the subject herself was seeing conspiracies everywhere--then just as abruptly as they came along, drop them. We never found evidence of a tangible connection to the Luna case, and Norris didn't appear to be offering any corroboration. Though Norris was
interviewed extensively by Rawstory, these interviews have failed to surface. It's the opinion of this writer that they weren't fruitful, though Palfrey stated that they had conducted twelve hours of them. The notion of a connection to the Luna case was dropped sometime after August of 2007 by Palfrey in her missives to myself, and didn't come up much after that, if at all. By December, the talk was of Brent Wilkes. By March, it was of John McCain, Dick Cheney, and even Fred Thompson, the names we can presume Larry Flynt is sitting-on right now. With Thompson, it's a foregone conclusion, and the proof will have to be rock-solid.

Additionally, it's the opinion of this author that Wayne Madsen has no Pentagon or CIA sources, or any sources within the government whatsoever in the "Cheney scoop"--it was likely Deborah Jeane Palfrey. As you can imagine, it's a real labyrinth. The Sphinx-like lady left quite a mess behind and took many secrets with her...or did she?
Mr. Nimmo and Geraldo--like the graverobbers that they are--are really just grandstanding along with the other ghouls out there, speculating wildly about something they know nothing whatsoever about. Jeane forwarded this to me on March 17th of this year on Geraldo's credibility. She really nails it:

Bil… FYI – the Coast to Coast Radio interview went very well. I was on-air for about an hour and a half, with commercial breaks interspersed during the time, of course. However, I walked off the Geraldo set. I was sitting in the chair, “miked” with earpiece in-place, when I decided that I wasn’t going to participate in the circus Geraldo was making out of the entire Spitzer ordeal. The first guest, the ex-boyfriend of Spitzer’s escort was repeatedly called a pimp by Geraldo and she constantly was referred as a whore. When I heard that Heidi Fleiss was to follow the boyfriend, I “got” where Geraldo was going. In true primadonna style, I announced that I had no intention of participating in “something like this”, ripped the mike from my lapel – grabbed my purse and exited the building. -Jeane
And so, the lady speaks, once again, and her exploiters continue to attempt squeezing dollars out of her. If you believe Geraldo Rivera or Larry Flynt are anything but exploitative scum, I have a bridge in Brooklyn you might be interested in buying. She's going to keep accusing the hypocritical for a very long time, despite her death. Alex Jones needs to exert some quality-control on his site, but he's hardly alone. Imagine how poor a job they and the mainstream media are all doing on all the other stories. It makes you think.

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