Wednesday, May 07, 2008

"Amy Winehouse being held for drug possession"

UK--Who gives-a-shit?! The bitch looks like (like?) a 1960s cockney prostitute (or Atlantic City on the boardwalk) giving too much lip, and she's violent to boot. The thing is, I have more respect by-far for prostitutes and sex workers than people like her. Most of them have no choice, she does. Crack and "the horse" are for losers. She's trashy, and not in a way that's endearing.

John Waters never wanted the world to be filled with people like Divine (the character). This is not divine trash, just trash, squalor, and mindless stupidity by a selfish asshole. She's the last thing the press should be worrying about, let alone bothering to cover. At least GG Allin was rebelling against conformity, albeit in a way that can only be described as utterly shocking. Even he said something.

She doesn't, and none of this is because she's a woman. She's just really embarrassing and painful to watch. Winehouse is everything that the old girl R&B groups were accused of being, and more. Welcome to the decline. Sad: her voice isn't half-bad.

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