Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Uncredible Duke

Hey pal, we need that horoscope! ;0) I have a Hierophant on-tap in Upper Mongolia for scab-purposes iffin' you ain't prepared to tell us our futures! My last resort is to go-an'- git Mr. Haney (that annoying son of a bitch) to come and do it--and to fix the tractor! We love you here at J-7, and it's not just that you remind me of the late Jack Elam (RIP, 1919-2003), or that I can always hear the music of Ennio Morricone when we meet in the praries of Indiana. OK, so they don't exist anymore, but it sounded good. You're an American original, a skull-bashing modern primative, and my friend. How many people does anyone know offhand that have a fond-spot for Charles Laughton's 'Night of the Hunter'? I do. You proved to me that not everyone in Indiana pronounces 'flesh' incorrectly, and that Mississippi is indeed a cesspool that should be evacuated, but left to the locals. We need our Uncredible Duke! I tell ya', this here life in the flyover states can be kinda rough-n'-tough, ya'll, but at least we know our asses from our elbows...well, just not the factory dogs, the molls, and the methhead rednecks. Forget em', they're dead, they're all messed-up.The Uncredible Duke is that mythic Good Ole' Boy, that avatar of culture amongst the tribes of good-for-nothin's. The good man in a bad town.