Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six years after 9/11...

--Feel any safer? No? GOOD. That's what those who want to deprive you of your rights wish from you (your irrational fear), and it's not just the terrorists. Grow-a-pair people, and grow-up. The threat is real, yes, but 9/11 was due to incompetence thanks to the Bush administration, and probably because they're compromised to the Saudi Royal Family (The House of Saud). Leave Iraq now, and we'll be significantly safer.

Correct, we should have attacked the Saudi Royal Family, holding the ones that were here at that time hostage until their central government and the rest of the ruling clans started talking. Let's make it clear: the Saudis are the paymasters of Al-Qaeda and numerous other Muslim terrorist organizations. The best thing that could happen is for the regime there to fall and be replaced by ANYTHING ELSE. It's already the single-most extremist Islamic State in the entire world.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool YOU (not me) twelve-times: quit pretending you're an adult and start sucking that thumb. At least Sen.Chuck Hagel has had the prescience and logic to quit Congress after 2008 along with a gaggle of criminal Republican incumbents, and so should virtually all of them. That includes numerous Democratic incumbents.

This includes Rep. Joe Donnelly. You blew it man, and it's time for you to go next year. Change--or don't change, and be removed from office by the voters of the Second Voting District of Indiana. You're a pathetic little man, now go wash. Sens. Dick Lugar and Evan Bayh. No need to comment, you gotta go too. You and the rest of this criminal political generation are going to go, and yours truly is working overtime to ensure it. Thankfully, so are all of you there in Washington...