Saturday, September 01, 2007


"No wonder why we're going down the tubes."
--Sgt. Dave Karsnia, arresting officer of former GOP Senator Larry E. Craig.

Washington D.C.--Yes, it would be nice to have real leadership in Washington, wouldn't it? Notice that it's primarily just the GOP incumbents and party leadership calling for Craig's ouster? Why not do the same with David Vitter? Because he's probably not working on anyone's campaign....anymore. Well not Rudy Giuliani's, and that was the likely goal--to hurt the campaigns of these runners, the ones running against Fred Thompson for president on the GOP ticket. Thompson, Griffin & Rove must feel that the Giuliani campaign has a better chance, as they've hit them hardest: in June of this year South Carolina Treasurer Thomas Ravenel was indicted for possession of cocaine. He's no-longer with Giuliani. Why isn't 'America's Mayor' hitting Rove & Co. for this? Where are the allegations? Surely, he knows it's them.

The McCain campaign has also been hit similarly. This is the Republican Party eating her own, there's no doubt here. But, by retaining Vitter in politics, they keep more of their margin in the Senate, whereas Craig was probably becoming too much of a liability as a homosexual. Sometimes, it's just easier to deep-six someone who's more high maintenance. He would do as a sacrificial goat, but it's a gamble. He could start telling us all where some of the bodies are buried. Nice job: Karl Rove & associates are running around doing all of this, and the media's being had (again). While American and coalition soldiers and Iraqis are dying for interests of a few, the Senator was trying to score some ass in a Minneapolis airport bathroom. His behavior--it seems--is not unique in Washington.

My advice to Larry E. Craig: start talking.