Thursday, September 06, 2007


The Cottages of England
--Ken's wonderful little dog 'Nipper' has died recently, causing extreme grief and a minor stroke in the director. Ken Russell is 80. It's an unfortunate development, and makes one wonder if Ken will now ever be able to direct again. We can be grateful for 'Fall of the Louse of Usher' and the 'Gorsewood films' that he's stubbornly made despite an industry that no-longer really exists in the UK, and the indifference and animosity of Hollywood.

It doesn't matter--he left his mark, what's done is done. We have: 'The Devils,' 'Tommy,' 'Mahler,' 'Gothic' (which I saw twice in 1986), 'The Rainbow,' 'Women in Love,' 'Lisztomania,' 'The Music Lovers,' 'Lair of the White Worm,' 'Savage Messiah,' 'Dante's Inferno,' 'Valentino,' 'Lady Chatterly's Lover,' 'Prisoner of Honor,' 'Salome's Last Dance,' 'The Boyfriend,' and so much more. Get well Ken, and make another feature film.
What a wonderfully dirty old man. You are loved by many, and hated by the right people. He's a dear man who has tended the garden so tenderly.

Write Ken and give him a 'get well' with much love: