Friday, September 14, 2007

Kenton Clark, Fictional 'Attorney'

-At this writing, Ms. Palfrey, myself, and her civil attorney are still receiving return error e-mails every single time we correspond and send to each other. In the beginning (there was God), virtually everyone I would send to would return this way, but it narrowed to just Ms. Palfrey and Montogmery Blair Sibley.

This is extremely telling, because with the narrowing, one gets the possible indication that parameters were being set--initially, all of my e-mail, then just between the aforementioned. It wouldn't surprise me if it was some 'vigilante' action by some goober with people-clothing and some tech know-how (and a stunted, reactionary personality).

There are--of course--other possibilities, such as that what we're experiencing is a very desperate prosecution team abusing antiterror laws at the Justice Department. Remember that last week, federal district Judge Victor Marrero ruled against NSLs to internet and telecommunications providers with broad discretion, including gag orders to the recipients of the NSLs (like say, Google or Verizon, and even AT&T or Yahoo). At present, there are a little over 80-days left for the government to appeal Judge Marrero's decision. In the mean time, they can still keep ISPs under the gag, and continue their fun-and-games, even with boss Alberto leaving today.

Again, it could just be some aspiring Tim McVeigh(s) out there, reactionary vigilante-types who think that some dumb games with someone's e-mail is going to intimidate. What's interesting is the intended-effect on the new round of hacker foreplay: not obstructing our First amendment guarantee of free and open communication with each other, but to temporarily create the impression that we're receiving send errors and that the messages aren't reaching Ms. Palfrey, Mr. Sibley, or myself.

This would suggest that fear of being caught violating our ability to correspond--since it's illegal and protected speech--is in the puny fore brain(s) of whomever is expediting the action(s). It's not paranoia, it's happening, see the post below for a sample of the error mails, they're all the same.

Who is it? We don't know yet, but we're looking into it. Luckily, the individuals doing this aren't very bright, they've made a few mistakes that give away parts of their identities: we know for a fact that whomever is doing it is American. Why? In every e-mail return message, the same phony lawyer's name occurs--Kenton Clark, which is found most often in '419' spams, usually from Nigeria. So? Ms. Palfrey found the significance this time: the error messages all contain this address, '' (it's dead). In the UK, a lawyer is commonly referred to as a 'barrister,' not an attorney.

And today, Ms. Palfrey and I received some e-mails from an anonymous individual via [Ed., 08.28.2008--This turned-out to be a friendly contact!] Curiouser and curiouser. Sam Eardth: kiss my ass.