Sunday, September 09, 2007

About Time: Bob Odenkirk and David Cross Upgrade 'Bob & David' Site --Man, this was truly overdue. I understand these fellows have their acting, writing, performing, sexing, and producing gigs, but Creepin' Christ! It was great to see a rundown of David Cross's ongoing war with Larry the Cable Goyim, but where were the updates?! I want to know when these guys fart, OK? It's as if Lenny Bruce was still around with an internet access--what genuine lover of comedy wouldn't want to be updated to his musings? Well, I feel that Bob & David are essentially just as important as Lenny, minus the narcotics-addiction. That's how important I think they are, and Mr. Show was a real beacon during the stagnant 1990s. I think these gentlemen are going to follow-through on Lenny's promise because they're as genuine and honest as Lenny about themselves and the world as they see it. And no, those rumors that David Cross does heroin...gimme a break. Different times, different people, similar ideals. It sure beats Bill Maher.