Sunday, September 09, 2007

'The President is Hopeful About Iraq'

Iraqistan/That'll stick in your Crawford, Texas--It's official: the president is batshit crazy (did you hear what he said?). What a pathetic dry-drunk. Give that man a malt liquor with a dash of gasoline. It made sense with Caligula, he acted openly-insane, eating gold leaf at his banquets, making his favorite horsey a god--that shit made sense at least ('He nuts, case closed.'). Where do they make these assholes anyway? The not-so-funny thing is that he's actually a failure at being rich. Well, and a failure at being a human being as well. Hitler and his cronies had the excuse of never being part of the traditional--and disintegrating--aristocratic power structures of Europe--they had no experience, just the ability to seize power. Bush doesn't even have that excuse, but he's as unqualified to wield that power as they were. This is what makes him so dangerous, and will continue to be so until January 20th of 2009. What's it mean to still support him? I think you can figure that one out, kids.