Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Was Bill Clinton so bad? At least he's smart.

Larry King Live--I'm watching the most recent interview with the former president and--wow--actually impressive. Until I start remembering he wanted most favored nation trading status with China (a gift that's still giving!). Then there's his administration's forcing of NAFTA on the unions and the rest of us, and the ethnic cleansing of Kosovo of 200,000 Eastern Orthodox Serbs, Waco, the fostering of a bull market, the murder of 500,000 Iraqi children with Clinton administration aerial-bombardment of humanitarian infrastructure in the country, and... I could go on. But, a blowjob would have to do, the GOP doesn't mind all the other stuff, we can see that in action in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Notice that I never mentioned "Whitewater." And jeepers, Batman, Clinton even figured-out this week that since Sen. Larry E. Craig is connected to the Romney campaign, that that wily Fred Thompson might have a real chance at being president, not his wife. Good timing on the smear/exposure too, right around the time Thompson announces his candidacy. No, Bill Clinton's still an asshole. It's just that he's a charming asshole, which at least, is more tolerable than the turd currently occupying the Oval Office. I mean the Cuban hanging-out of Thompson's mouth at-right. I would imagine he has had other Cuban-members in his mouth, just done discreetely. Alpha 66 this.

When the economy crashes, and when our foreign policy causes another 9/11 for some other kissass politician(s) to use politically, will the Carter years look so bad as we're all supposed to believe they were ? They weren't great, but they beat this era. It's all a myth, but peanut-head definitely aided in the creation of the mess we're in right now. Oh yeah, and Gerald Ford--thanks dead klutzy for sparing us the worthy trial (and execution) of Richard M. Nixon and Henry Kissinger. Frankly, I would have liked seeing that, even at six-years-old: "Hey ma! A court shot the president!" Wouldn't that send a fairly equitable and obvious message to corrupt politicians throughout these United States? Wouldn't it show a real commitment to the rule of law?

Read John Dohr's summations during the Watergate investigations, he concluded that the president faced solid charges of treason for willfully prolonging the war in Vietnam, beginning with activities of his own campaign operatives in 1968. The investigations uncovered quite a bit. John Dohr? You know, that John Dohr, the one that 26-year-old Hillary Clinton worked under during Watergate? I'm curious: as a Goldwater Republican, could one assume that she was a mole like Fred Thompson was during the Watergate hearings? It's a thought. Mrs. Clinton should be asked repeatedly why she doesn't support impeachment, and pressured to support an investigation beginning now, but she's the same kind of freak that Nixon was.

Nixon would have faced charges of treason if he had been impeached. We can rest assured that Mrs. Clinton finds impeachment in any case to be "off-the-table." She could face it someday, after all. But Nixon resigned because that was one of the options he faced, and he had no real choice but to leave office. It was that, or a possible execution or imprisonment. Think about that for a moment. Still wondering why Congress doesn't want to impeach any president on real charges? They're all part of the same political class, and hold most of the same basic assumptions. If they don't follow the wishes of the public, the public should remove them.

"We must save the [criminal] office of the president, we must save the [criminal] powers of the president." Unitary this. As we know, no president after Ford tried to get us into wars like Vietnam, or tried to seize almost dictatorial powers after the declaration of those phony wars (Congress did allow the Bush administration to use force in 2002). Not ever. Press: Keep your eyes on the Thompson campaign's operatives. Now spit. There's an Empire to save (fat chance). Mark this: Fred Thompson is a criminal, and if he wins the presidency, George W. Bush will also seem "great" in-retrospect, just like Nixon. This is one bad man, backed by very bad and powerful people, and that's something he has in common with Hillary. The time for a new Constitutional convention could be nearing.