Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Sergeant at Arms of the Senate Returns, This Time Over The Rougheads

Site Meter--To the Senator or Senators who tapped the office of the Sergeant at Arms to peruse the articles here: read well, you all have a lot of investigating and subpoenas to draw-up and issue. The public is tired of waiting--we want results, we want some people brought to justice. We're tired of the excuses, and we're not buying any more of them. This is not a threat, it's a warning.

The rule of law has been thrown into disregard, which is a very dangerous thing for any democracy. We know who many of these people are, so start investigating, and begin impeachment investigations and hearings now. And to the Sergeant at Arms of the Senate himself: Mr. Gainer, you need to begin investigating the fact that Sen. David Vitter violated terms of his seat on the Foreign Relations Committee by committing what could be repeated felonies while serving on said committee (and the Senate in-general). This fact has been uncovered by journalist and author, Bill Keisling (http://www.yardbird.com/).

Most of all: you need to subpoena Ronald Roughead, a retired U.S. Army Colonel. You need to ask him why he called the escort service of Pamela Martin & Associates, and if he's ever had contact with Shaha Ali Riza, Paul Wolfowitz, and if he had a security clearance at the time he called Ms. Palfrey, and why he was doing so. You should also ask Mr. Roughead--and perhaps his brother Gary, current CNO of the U.S. Navy--if he has ever had contact with Jack Abramoff, Edward T. Norris, Brent Wilkes, or individuals connected to them.

And while you're at it, you need to hold serious congressional hearings on the murder of Assistant U.S. attorney Jonathan P. Luna--you need to subpoena FBI Special Agent Steven Skinner and Thomas DiBiagio, as well as Ed Norris, and several other individuals. Get to work, there's a lot to be done.

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[Ed., 09.13.2008-I'm unconvinced of Keisling's assertions about Vitter's committe responsibilities at this writing. Yes, I believe that I was wrong in thinking it was a valid point.]