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--Mr. Tobias, if you wish to speak with myself and/or Ms. Palfrey's legal representation--or even Ms. Palfrey herself--you need to do so directly. Quit delegating this to someone else and start reaching-out and explaining what you know about her case, she could use your testimony for her defense. You're not messing with a child here, and you can ask anyone--this writer isn't intimidated easily.

If it's just someone at Eli Lilly checking on the story and its impact on the corporation: I hope you all lose your jobs from Eli Lilly going bankrupt, you're a bunch of crooks and criminals on all of our backs.
The corporation you serve is an inhuman, criminal enterprise that causes the deaths of thousands every year through exploitation and neglect.

You need to start explaining yourself and what you know, your country needs you (not that any of you appear to have a real understanding of genuine patriotism). Mr. Tobias, you could try to be a public servant for once in your storied life. You are not a "state hero," but a very questionable man. You can make this right by doing something proper and correct for once. You can heal this nation. If you know anything about Senator Vitter's possibly breach of his security clearance on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, you should start talking about it. You can be that good man you once thought you could be.

Dan Quayle (the Quayles and Bush clans own substantial shares in the corporation): kiss-my-ass. Describing you as a moron is an insult to morons everywhere. You are a failure and a disgrace as a human being, and an embarrassment to Indiana and the nation. It's sad that you reproduced, but there it is. "Potato" is only spelled with an "e" when it's a plural, incidentally. Now go play with your pal Dan Burton, the adulterer.

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