Saturday, December 09, 2006


THE UNITED STATES GULAG ARCHIPELIGO--American can-do has reached a new zenith: Reuters reports we have 7 million people in our prisons and jails, and on-parole or probation, hurrah! We're no quitters, we'll find something new to punish in America. This is significantly-higher than either China or Russia, we beat them! This is how we deal with social-problems--rather than social programs that lift poor Americans out of poverty, we simply allow chaos to build-up, then we throw them into prison. 2 million of all persons within the criminal justice system in America are there for drug-violations, usually for minor-posession. This is more than all of Europe's drug-offenders in their systems combined, and can be seen as an indicator of social-decline. You make something illegal, and--voila!--you instantly have a new class of criminals to incarcerate, especially if they're poor and have brown-skin. I understand the Police have to implement-laws that they might happen to disagree-with, but if you think these policies are working--cop-or-not--you're a P-I-G.

The DOJ's Report: