Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The (Still) Unanswered Question: 'How did the Troops Vote?'

Caesar: "Et tu, Brute?"

THE UNITED STATES AGAIN--Hmmmmm? Nowhere on the media's radar. It seems that the fact must be embarrassing. Also embarrassing are all the irregularities that are still cropping-up from the November 7th midterm-elections. It seems that irregularities were more widespread in Ohio than 2004, and this is just one story. If anyone knows the vote-tally for who our troops voted-for, I'd sure love a link to it, it's elusive. We should all be proud that they had to try to rig the elections--this-time, it was an obvious landslide against the GOP. The spell only works if there is a close-margin, based on voter-discontent and concomitant apathy. Voter-apathy is the only chance the GOP has ever had to win anything beyond their minority-status. They have nothing to offer, just complaints about how awful it is they can't spend trillions on worthless weapons-systems, instead of feeding-the-poor. Did those weapons save anyone at the WTC? Nope.

Make no mistake: the American people don't like or trust either the GOP or the DNC, this is clear. The elections were an unofficial plebiscite on the war in Iraq (and, oh yeah, Afghanistan). We voted 'nay', Bob (Woodward). Pun-intended. To the two-party system: watch your backs, we don't have them unless you give us what we need as a country. We want the war over NOW. Not tomorrow, but NOW. This is why many people hate John Kerry in America, he just won't respond to our will. That's why he's going to continue to decline as a politician. His own sister turned-away Cindy Sheehan at the UN, and was involved in her arrest. What filth. No White House, nada. Zip. Zilch. Null. Lack. Over. He's like one of the Roman Senators who never lifted-a-finger to stop Caesar. He looks like the Patrician asshole that he really embodies. Retire. That goes for Hillary, and Schumer, and all of their ilk in politics. Get out of our country, you true-anarchists (right-wing), we don't want you here.